Ben Stein is a Creationist?!

That seems to be the incredulous response from people after reading the article by Michael Shermer in the Scientific American website,

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed–Ben Stein Launches a Science-free Attack on Darwin

You can find the article at

Mr. Stein has groomed his public persona as a mildly funny intellectual, but Mr. Shermer pulls no punches in painting him as humorless and deceitful.

But not stupid.

It’s important to remember that not all Creationists are Bible-thumping, revival tent scam artists. And those of us who live on the west coast tend to forget that, and we also tend to forget that once we get past the Sierra Nevadas, there’s a LOT of religious nuts out there who are willing to pay good money for faith-based opinions.

Meaning only that when the revolution finally comes, who gets put up against the wall is not entirely a foregone conclusion.


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