More Hot Female Archers

Kamaljit at the RangeThis is a follow-up on the Hot Female Archers entry.

I forwarded the email mentioned there to a friend named Kamaljit, who easily passes muster for the term Hot and is quite a skilled archer. She in turn contacted Mr. Kon, who asked for a photograph, and then asked for her measurements.

So now Kamaljit will be featured in the “Viking Women Shooting Flaming Arrows into a Funeral Ship” scene.

Kamaljit wrote in an email, “Outfits are minimal and ridiculous. All (what there is of them) suede – no fur. The other archer doesn’t arch but has taken a crash course. She’ll be carrying a 16lb bow so accuracy is going to be left to me. Having said all this, I’m still looking forward to the shoot.” She also wrote that she would be using her own bow – a take-down recurve – and that they are paying her extra for this, as well as insuring it.

I still don’t know in what context this scene is going to be shown, and I’m doing my best to withhold judgment on the producers (as if they cared what I thought about them.) It would seem that they are trying to portray the Vikings as being well ahead of their time, when suede was the height of fashion and they used bows that the rest of the world had to wait until the 20th Century for. This is the same network that brought us Mythbusters, so I’m willing to be patient.

I’m really happy for Kamaljit, who says that she’s doing this in order to have a good story to tell.

Postscript:  See the denouement of this story at: The Last of the Hot Female Archers


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  1. Yeah, I’d say hot enough 🙂

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