The Last of the Hot Female Archers

This is a follow-up to two previous posts: Hot Female Archers and More Hot Female Archers.

Received email from Kamaljit last night (Sunday, April 20) saying that she is pulling out of the Discovery shoot, explaining that, “The whole thing was not sitting right with me.”

It would seem now that Mr. Kon is stuck with a model who looks very cute in suede, but is still a stranger to the bow.  Perhaps his next ad will read, “looking for female archers, hot optional.”

Thing is, I know a lot of very attractive female archers who are quite skilled in traditional archery.  Did Mr. Kon simply advertise in the wrong places?  Did his use of the adjective “hot” scare away a lot of potential applicants?  Did his artistic license with history and culture contribute to his failure?

Feel free to speculate wildly.


One Response

  1. I suspect a disconnect between the way the entertainment does things and the way regular people see themselves. An aspiring actress might see the word “hot” in a call and go for it because she’d be used to hype. A non-actress might do a lot more soul-searching around not feeling hot enough or young enough to compete to put herself forward as such and face the rejection and embarrassment of being publicly labeled “not hot”.

    If he’d asked for “fit, attractive female archers” he might have done a little better, don’t you think?

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