Pre-Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

We are all salivating like Pavlov’s pooch in eager anticipation of the new Indiana Jones movie.  However, concerns are raised.  What if it’s another dog like the second move, Temple of Doom?

To assuage my fears, I did what any typical 21st Century American does — I went to Yahoo movies and checked out what the critics have to say.

We all know that, even if the current movie is horrible, there’s nothing that the critics can say to warn us away from seeing it.  If we liked the first movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, we’re going to be standing in line for this one, praying to the cinema gods that it doesn’t follow in the grand tradition of Phantom Menace.  We are going to give it the $10-per-seat benefit of the doubt in spite of Lucas’ track record in these matters.

The critics listed at Yahoo were mixed on the subject.  Some liked it and gave it an A, and others thought it was the worst thing to date for these movie makers, but still gave it a C.

The kicker, though, was that the people who disliked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull liked Temple of Doom.

Wait: these people actually liked Temple of Doom?

Hmm.  Sounds like Kingdom will be a winner in my book!


One Response

  1. I loved Temple of Doom, but I loved all of them.

    This installment more than holds its own with the others. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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