Cheap plastic crap costs more than a camping stove.

The West – An Tir War will be held next weekend in Gold Beach, Oregon, and I will be there to be running some of the archery events. My old camping stove has a leak in the hose, and replacements for the hose don’t exist, so we gave it away to someone who has the tools to repair it.

I went to Big 5 today because they had a sale on duel burner propane camping stoves. Picked up a Coleman for $59. While there, I thought I would purchase a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Of course, they refuse to put the prices on the glasses, which are under lock and key in glass display shelf, and not a sales clerk within cubic parsecs. I finally asked the people at the check-out counter for help, and they assured me that a sales representative would be there shortly.

Finally, “How much are those on the second shelf?” The sales clerk pulled them out, took them over to a registers station and scanned them. “Seventy dollars.”

“No way!” I said. “It’s cheap plastic! It cost $5 to make, and I’d be amazed if you paid more than $20. I’ll give you $40 and you make a good profit.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Seventy dollars is usury,” I insisted. “Find me somebody who can make me a deal.”

“There isn’t anybody. The cost is $70.”

“You expect me to pay more for three ounces of plastic than I did for a camping stove?”

“Ma’am, we have several pair that are on sale.”

“Yes, I can see why they are on sale, because you couldn’t sell them to a blind person. They make the wearer look like a refugee from 1955. I’ll pay you $40 for the pair I want.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Then I guess you lost a sale. Here, take the stove back, too. They are cheaper at Sports Authority, anyway.”

People, listen to me! If you are willing to pay through the nose for cheap plastic crap, that’s exactly what it will cost you! Economics 101, people! Don’t pay it!


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