Drive Fast and Take Chances!

While driving down Interstate Highway 5 last weekend, we passed a sign that read, “Please Drive Safely.”

I couldn’t help but wonder about the efficacy of this sign. Do people actually drive more safely after reading it? Has anybody, upon reading that sign, said to themselves, “Yeah, I guess I’d better slow down, hang up the phone, and keep both hands on the wheel”?

Admittedly, it doesn’t hurt to put up that sign, unless you count the tax dollars spent in creating it and installing it.

This sign also brought to mind the warning on a chainsaw that read, “Do not attempt to stop the blade with your bare hands.” My thoughts upon reading this were, “Wow. I had no idea that this has been a problem.” However, if somebody is so mentally impaired, either by drugs or lack of sufficient IQ, that they would try to stop that blade with their bare hands, does it help to tell them not to? Perhaps there is somebody, somewhere, who actually considered stopping the blade of a chainsaw in just such a manner, and then stopped to think, “Y’know, I’d better check the instruction manual to see if this is an approved procedure.”


One Response

  1. That’s too funny. That is exactly the phrase I use when someone is leaving – Drive fast! Take Chances!

    As for obvious warnings, thank a lawyer.

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