What a Friend We Have in Cheeses!

We just spent an hour turning a gallon of raw, whole milk into 3/4 lb of mozzarella cheese. How kewl is that?! Would it be trite to say that it’s the best mozzarella I’ve ever tasted? Well, it isn’t. Next time, less salt.

We also made a mess out of the kitchen, and our hands smell like spoiled milk. But we had a great time, and ended up with that old familiar good feeling, “Hey! I can do this!”

We started off like any 21st Century American – we did internet research. We stumbled upon http://www.cheesemaking.com where we were able to order all the neophyte cheese making stuff.

We bought the milk from a local dairy. We are great fans of keeping things as local as possible. Fortunately, California is one of those states where we can buy raw milk. Let’s hear it for happy cows! We also have plans to experiment with goat’s milk.

Now we know just enough about making cheese to ask the musical question, “How did primitive peoples ever figure this out? And how did they do it without thermometers and microwaves and stainless steel?” So, the next item on our cheese-making to-do list: take a tour of some old country cheese mill.

One of my ulterior motives behind this cheesy affair is to have something to trade with the neighbors. The guy across the road from us likes to go crabbing, and he often brings us part of his catch. Even though he doesn’t expect anything in return, I can now offer him cheese in return. We’ll get a barter micro-economy going on our block. Who needs a global economy?


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