A FITA Round? You mean, like, target archery?

Today is October 5, 2008.  On October 23rd, I’m going to participate in an actual archery league, consisting of twelve weekly contests culminating in a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have mixed emotions about this.  It seems that all the archers I know fit into one of three categories: Traditional archers, hunters (compounders), and target archers, and never the ‘twain shall meet.

That’s not entirely true, but it seems like it.  The different categories tend to practice at different venues and compete at different events, and one group often has no idea about the competitive events of the other.

So, okay.  I’m a traditional archer.  I’ve never cared for having a lot of accessories attached to my bow.  I have only competed in one FITA event, when a friend said, “Hey!  Wanna come out to the park on Thursday and participate?”  I learned later that it was called a FITA Standard, and we shot 36 arrows each from 50 meters and 30 meters.  I hope that I represented the ranks of traditional archers well,  standing there with my naked wooden bow.  I scored a 416.  Can somebody tell me if that’s any good?  I suspect that today I could easily score 500.

This league will be another FITA round, though I’m not sure what it’s called.  We’ll shoot thee arrows at a time from 18 meters at a 40 cm target.  In this league, all sorts of different kinds of bows will be competing against each other, and the difference in technology levels will be compensated for by handicaps.

I don’t mean to sound like a country bumpkin, but how do they prevent the best shooters from sandbagging?  That is, intentionally shooting low initial scores in order to increase their handicap value.

The more I think about this, the more I conclude that I am going to feel like I’m out of my element.  I have practiced shooting at these targets from 18 m, and my biggest concern is that I can’t even see the target because it’s occluded by the upper part of the riser.  I have to use a point about 10 inches directly below the bull’s eye as a reference.

It will be fun and a new experience!


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  1. 416 is very good. The GNAS tables for this round do not go higher than 2nd class (because the distance is not long enough) but the score needed for 2nd is, for ladies shooting longbow, 301. 3rd class would be 240, so you are well above all that and I would guess it would be easily a first class score had the classification been available for this round.

    As for handicaps, fortunately there cannot be any sandbagging – your handicap is calculated from your three highest scores of that season.

    Good luck with FITA 18!

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