Lost Pictures

They lost my pictures.

The people at Rite-Aid took my exposed film, sent them to a commercial processor, and they disappeared into the aether.

Those pictures that I spent so much effort to compose, waiting for the subject to do something photo-worthy.  The interplay of light and shadow, the candid pictures of my companions’ faces.  The archer proudly pointing out her best shot.  Pictures showing the unbelievable difficulty of some of the targets.  All gone.  Some minimum wage flunky who was probably thinking about his girlfriend sent my pictures to the wrong address, and now they are irretrievable lost.  Somebody is Pacoima is probably looking at my pictures and saying, “What the …?”

To all of those who were looking forward to seeing photographs of the 2008 Rancho Neblina Traditional Rendezvous, you’ll have to see if somebody else has any.


One Response

  1. I am glad I found this post only after I read that they have been found. Phew. I can well imagine your feelings upon hearing that they had been lost. Apparently, one photo store in days gone by offered a photographer whose films they had lost a replacement of new film rolls. (Clearly he was expected to make the trip to the West Indies or wherever he had taken the shots at his own expense…)

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