Don’t Let the Past Remind Us of What We are not Now …

For the Rock n’ Roll illiterate, the words in the title of this post are from a song by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, called Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, sung at an event that has become an icon of the 1960’s, Woodstock.  I am reminded of these words a lot lately.

I do not pretend to have any knowledge of life beyond physical death, but if reincarnation actually happens, then I feel that there is a very good reason why we don’t remember our past lives: because if we did, we’d waste much of our valuable lifespan trying to right the wrongs of those past lives.  We need to live here and now.

And this concept is not limited to past lives.  I often catch myself wishing for the svelte, athletic body that I had in my younger days.  I need to stop and enjoy the many gifts that the ensuing years have given:  A little more wisdom; children who have grown into amazing adults; experience and perspective yet denied our Gen-X and Gen-Y replacements.

Besides, as I wrote in a previous post, I am still possessed of the spirit of a 25 year old.  I just hope that that 25 year old doesn’t want it back any time soon.


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