Halloween, Samhain, Autumnal Cross-Quarter

In the last month, my Tag Surfer has been filled with two types of highly polarized blogs about events that occur on October 31st.  The first type seems to be addressed to wanna-be pagans, and pagan-curious readers, explaining what Samhain is, how to pronounce it (almost seems like you can’t have your pagan card if you pronounce it wrong) and how it differs from the consumer event called Halloween.  Then there are the articles written by Christians who seem to believe that you can’t be among the Faithful if you can pronounce it correctly, and that both Samhain and Halloween are evil, mean, bad and nasty, tied inexorably to murder, mayhem and sex.  

Well, I’m not one to pass up a reason to party, but the only one I have been invited to will be hosted by my Western Martial Arts instructor, who will be showing films of “the best WMA fights of the year!”

I swear, that woman needs therapy.  Which is one of the reasons I like her.

The forecast for October 31st in my sleepy hallow town is for rain, and lots of it.  So I don’t expect a lot of pint-sized candy-beggers, but we bought some candy just in case.  It makes for good neighbors to participate in these events.

My beloved and I, however, will be celebrating the Autumnal Cross-Quarter Day, which is an entirely astronomical event having nothing to do with either saints or ghouls, and which is what Samhain and Halloween were originally based upon, but that won’t happen until the sun reaches Right Ascension 15h, which will happen on November 7th.

Just wanted to say.


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