Why I Do Traditional Archery

I have to admit to some ego here.

When participating in an event that includes archers of all stripes, including those compound shooters who have every gadget afforded by 21st Century engineering attached to their bows, and one of them approaches me and says, “Dang! I wish I could shoot that well with a recurve.  I tried shooting traditional for a while and it was just too difficult.”

I was at the league shoot last night and was beating myself up for my score, when the man I was competing against said, “You’re kidding, right?  You’re shooting a wooden recurve without sights!  I’d be lucky to hit the wall with that set up, and you haven’t yet missed the target.”

He’s right.  I should cut myself a little slack and stop whining.  But we have this love-hate relationship with our sport, and no matter what our score is, we tell ourselves, “Hmph!  I can do better!”

And of course, that’s exactly why we do.

But I have a new goal:   I have been challenged to obtain a score of 250 on an 80 cm target at 50 meters with 36 arrows.  My first thought is, “No, this is just beyond the abilities of mere mortals with the Naked Wooden Bow.”  But the gauntlet has been thrown, and it’s time to get to work!


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