Follow-up to Cheap Plastic Crap

It’s a good thing that I’m not in marketing or sales, as my sense of what people are willing to pay for seems to be entirely out of step with the rest of the country.  An example of this was posted in my blog, Cheap Plastic Crap Costs More than a Camping Stove.  

We stopped in at Big 5 Sporting Goods last weekend, and we noticed that their sunglasses are on sale.  “Aha!” you might say.  “Winter is coming.  People don’t wear sunglasses in Winter.”  You’re forgetting that this is California.  We have four seasons in California: Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer and Next Summer.  The long term forecast is for a long, warm, dry, sunny Winter, much to the disappointment of people who use too much water.  I suspect that the price reduction has more to do with the lack of availability of discretionary income than the weather.

And guess how much the glasses were being sold for?  If you picked up on the obvious hints and said “$40” you’d be right on the money.  No, I didn’t buy any, as I am currently replete on sunglasses, purchased at a cost I considered fair.  However, I was going to rub it in by talking to the sales person who refused to sell me a pair at this price last summer, but he was nowhere to be found.


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