Online Archery Score Pad

I stumbled across a very interesting website today: Archery Score Pad

Users can enter their archery scores and compare their performance with archers from around the world.  Or at least from Europe and North America, with an emphasis on the UK.

I went back through my archery log and posted some recent scores.  Also exhanged email with the site’s creator and administrator, Matthew Brown, asking if he has any plans to start including field archery rounds as well as the current list of target archery rounds, and he seems quite amenable to this idea.

It’s definately worth checking out!


4 Responses

  1. Someone needs to do this for 3D shoots to keep everyone in check. There seems to be a small percentage of people in the bow hunter class that like to fudge their scores.

    • Indeed – sadly – there are those who “shoot with their pencil.” That’s why we give all our score sheets to only two people in the group, and they double-check each other.

      • Yeah. I shoot with a pretty tough group as well. Nobody gets any slack. I prefer it this way because you are only cheating yourself at the end of the day if you “shoot with your pencil” as you say.

  2. Duh. Just saw the NFAA tab.

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