Stanford Archery Results

0215091337Last week, I wrote to a friend in the UK, Veronika, that we were going to do archery English style: In the cold rain.  California has been hammered by severe storms for the last week, but that didn’t stop the dedicated from showing up an at “informal” archery competition at Stanford University.  In spite of temperatures less than 10° C , rain that was sometimes hard enough to hurt and gusting winds, we risked hypothermia and rust for a chance to participate in the FITA-900.

I’m sure that the groundskeepers did not appreciate that we slogged across their field, which was under 4 or 5 cm of water in many places.   Some arrows were also lost in the muddy grass.

Still, one of the most difficult tasks was keeping the scorecards dry enough to write upon without tearing them.  In spite of hiding the scorecards under jackets and rain panchos, the paper just turned into pulpy globs before the day was done.  I did not even bother to try to add up my score, which I’m sure reflected the dismal weather.

In spite of the conditions, everybody insisted that they had a great time, and that they’d do it again.

I have to ask:  Does this make us dedicated, or masochistic?


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