Traditional Archery in the Forest Primeval

I am very lucky to live about three kilometers from a beautiful outdoor archery range set up in the California coastal redwood forest.  The range has a practice area with target butts set up at five yard intervals from 10 to 50 yds, a couple of long distance ranges, including one set up in metric out to 90 meters.  Then there are three walking courses, designated by the colors red, white and blue.  There is also a club house, kept warm by a wood burning stove, a pot of coffee, and the camaraderie of the brothers and sisters who follow the way of the arrow.  The Wisdom of the Arrow – La Saĝeco de la Sago.

The White Range is set up so that the first 14 targets can be used for the International Field Archery Association Field Round, and the second 14 targets can be used for the IFAA Hunter Round.  The White Range is where I spend most of my time.  

The monsoons have past, and with Daylight Displacement Time, the sun doesn’t set until about 19:30, so there is just enough time after work to do a little practice at the practice range, and then do either a Field or Hunter Round. 

The Field Round takes you over a creek and past Broadhead Lake, swollen with the recent rains.  The combination of those rains and the recent sunshine has turned the redwood forest into the Forest Primeval.

I will try to remember to take my camera next time and get photographs and post them here.


3 Responses

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  2. Photos please! 🙂 It sounds fabulous.

  3. Veronika,

    There will be a competition at this range on April 19th.

    I’ll get pictures and post them here.

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