The Age of My Life

I really hate that I qualify for this event.  The city of Sacramento, California is sponsoring a program called Sports for Life!  The tag-line is The Sports for Life! Series aims to provide many of Sacramento’s 50+ athletes with an opportunity to continuing pursuing the sports they love.

Ach!!  50+ Athletes?!  Yes, that refers to age, not the number of participants.  I’m over 50?!  Gack!!  I can’t be that old!  I was just in college … well … thirty years ago.  But that was just last week!

When our oldest son turned 21, we told him that was enough.  He’s not allowed to have any more birthdays because we aren’t old enough to have kids his age.   To his credit, he has made every effort to comply, but he turned 27 in March.

But hey!!  Look at the program of events that the City of Sacramento is sponsoring:

Tentative 2009 Series Schedule

March 28 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, Hotshot and Free Throw Event (Leonardo Di Vinci School)

April 25th & 26th Soccer Tournament (Cherry Island Soccer Complex)

May 9th Archery Tournament (Discovery Park)

September 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, Hotshot and Free Throw Event (Leonardo Di Vinci School)

Basketball, soccer and archery.  It’s not like it’s chess and contract bridge.  This blog is being written by a senior woman who has scars on her hands from swords and wrenches (I repair airplanes for a living), and callouses on her fingers from archery, and I wear them as a badge of honor.  This is not our parents’ retirement!  During sword sparing class last night, a young man in his thirties commented, “You’re kicking my butt in the endurance department!”

Still, there’s that psychological reaction to one’s half-century birthday, and that was a few years ago.  Is the Senior Olympics next?

It’s time to embrace the age of my life and enjoy it.  And by enjoy it, I mean kicking whipper-snapper butt with sword and bow.  I know where I will be on May 9th (The Flower Moon).  Heading for Sacramento with a banjo on my knee.  Where will you be?


3 Responses

  1. Good for you. Go for it!!

  2. Brilliant and AMEN!!!!!!!

  3. The important part of the tag-line is not “50+” but “athletes”!

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