2009 Pacific Traditional Rendezvous

Pacific Traditional Rendezvous

Pacific Traditional Rendezvous

Regarding the pin displayed here:  yes, I know that Rendesvous is misspelled.  It doesn’t do any good to tell me.  I didn’t design the pin, and San Francisco Archers isn’t going to spend the money to redo the pins just to correct the spelling.  Any comment that’s left to tell me that the word is misspelled will simply be deleted.

On Sunday, April 19, 2009, the San Francisco Archers hosted the Pacific Traditional Rendezvous, a competition for  traditional archers to show their stuff.   I heard that there were 110 participants, which means that there were easily 200 people when you count supportive family members and those who crewed the kitchen and registration booth and other support services.

I arrived at about 7:30, still a half hour before the sun rose above the hills in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  The archery range is generally the coldest place in Pacifica, a village which is renown for a cool and moist climate.  The weather people told us it would be “warm during the weekend” but we have learned to take their prognostications with a pound of salt.  The pre-dawn temperatures probably hovered about 10° C, and most of us were dressed in layers of clothes.  As soon as the sun poked over the peaks, people started shedding cloths as the thermometer started climbing.  And climbing.  And climbing.

I was too busy with the competition to note the high temperature, but we ended up wearing the minimum amount of clothing that’s prudent for walking around the forest shooting arrows at 3-D targets.Bea at 2009 Pacific Trad Rendezvous

We shot two arrows at each of 42 targets, including the Flying Pig and Running Rabbits and the mammoth.  I suspect that we walked about five kilometers over sharply inclined terrain while battling mosquitoes, hot weather, and severe Spring allergies.  We started at 9:00 in the morning, and finished the 42nd target at 3:45 in the afternoon.  I managed to lose only one arrow when I misjudged the distance to a moose who was standing at the banks of Broadhead Lake, and the arrow sailed into the brackish water.  The ducks laughed at me.  I learned that I really need to practice judging distances with larger animals.  Please note that the second arrow went through his foam heart.

I also sorely misjudged how long it would take to get through the course, so as soon as I shot my last arrow, I had to rush home to help get dinner started.  I had no idea what the results where until my friends, Bea (Pictured above) and Estel came for dinner, and informed us that I had taken Second Place for Adult Female Recurve.  And before you think to ask:  Yes, there were more than two of us in that division.  There were either five or six.  I don’t remember which.  The woman who took First Place beat me by 80 points.  That’s okay: she beat me by 100 points, while seven months pregnant, back in September, so I’m catching up to her.  She’s a very hot archer, and there’s certainly no shame in taking second place to her performance.  Congrats, Trish!!

Also, Congrats to Estel for taking First Place in Adult Female Longbow!  Woot!  I don’t know any of the other results yet.


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  1. I guess this is the one place where a spellchecker would not be any help…

    Congratulations on you achievement, especially in such difficult conditions!

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