The Archers’ Moon

You can find online or in any of several almanacs the names of the moons.  There is nothing official about these, though many authors will make the bold statement, “Native Americans call this the ____ moon.”  As if all the various native American tribes got together at some pre-columbian astronomical conference to give names to the moons.  Other authors will at least give locality to the tribes, saying, “Tribes in the Northwest called this the ___ moon.”  Considering the plethora of languages and cultures of the tribes in the “Northwest” and lack of written history, I take all of this with a grain of salt, but I’m not an anthropologist.

The names of the moons tend to be seasonal – like the Harvest Moon, though many lack a certain coolness.  For instance, I don’t care at all for the Worm Moon.

My beloved and I have created our own set of names for the moons.  For instance, we call the moon in late June the “Strawberry Moon” and celebrate the full moon be coming up with creative ways to eat our favorite summer  fruit.  We borrowed from some of the more standard names, like the aforementioned Harvest Moon.  This year, we are combining it with a cheese making party.

While admiring the full moon in May 2010, which we currently call the Full Flower Moon (borrowed from the Farmers’ Almanac), it occurred to me that any full moon which happens in late May or early June takes place in the constellation Sagittarius.  The celestial archer.


I think this is a great idea for the name of a moon!  The Archers’ Moon!  Anybody who knows me, or has read one or two of my previous posts knows that this is a favorite topic of my blogs.  Specifically, traditional archery. How more traditional than the ancient zodiac?! Here it is, my favorite sport, immortalized in the heavens.  And it’s just as official as any of the other names of the moons.  That is, not at all.  But it’s personally relevant.

Hope everybody enjoys the Strawberry Moon on June 26th!


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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to join an archery group in the Seattle WA area. There is a group that is meeting a good deal south of Seattle (Renton near Ikea). There was an archery store and range in Mountlake Terrace that appears to have recently closed.

    If you know any archers (especially female archers) in the Seattle area (north or east of is fine too), please put us in touch. 98155 is my zip code.

    I have not done archery before, have done more the music, fiber arts, dance, etc. of SCA but want to gain a physical sport/skill as well (and archery is much more interesting to me than going to the gym for fitness).

    Thank you for any info you can provide about archers or especially female archers in the areas around Seattle (preferably north and east of Seattle).

    • Hi Marla.

      First off, apologies for taking so long to respond. The best way to find other archers in your area is to go to competitions. And the best way to find out about competitions is to call a range. you probably already know about these, but just in case:

      Puget Sound Archery
      20343 1st Ave NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370
      17.0MI from Seattle
      (360) 535-9047

      Skookum Archers
      Puyallup, WA 98371
      30.0MI from Seattle
      (253) 770-4177

      And if I meet any WA female archers, I will send them your way!


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