House of Ghosts

ImageChristopher R. Mihm’s new retro-horror movie, House of Ghosts, is now available.  It’s a flashback to the horror movies of old, written, directed and filmed in the same manner, as the B science fiction/horror movies we saw at the drive-in cinemas.

Due to the magic of modern technology, though, you can watch the movie voiced in Esperanto.  And if you do, please look for my name in the credits as one of the translators.

I also helped translate Mihm’s earlier work, Attack of the Moon Zombies, but this one was more difficult as we were asked to give translations that had the same number of syllables as the original English so that the English speaking actors didn’t look like they had some pre-existing brain trauma.  A major difference between the two languages is that English is awash with single syllable words, and Esperanto has very few.  We did a lot of verbal abbreviations.  It was a challenging task, but I think we came through!

I’m not going to give you a synopsis or review. I’m sure you’ll be able to easily predict most of the story line.  The value of the movie is in the presentation.


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