Slogging up Sharp Park Road

So cyclists, you think you’re pretty good on hills? Take a look at this short video. This is during the 2012 Giro di Pacifica, near the top of Sharp Park Road. This is after it flattens out a bit, right after the steepest part of the 1.5 mile route between Highway 1 and Skyline Drive, where it goes from hellish to merely difficult. I have suppressed the audio because it’s mostly the sound of my huffing and puffing, driving the recumbent up the hill, with the GoPro attached to my helmet.

At the 27 second mark I get passed by a young father pulling a toddler in a trailer. I don’t know what happened to mom. She was with them when they started the ride, and she was with them later at the rest stop. #400 isn’t mom, just another rider.

The two guys standing on the right – I thought they stopped to check directions, though it seemed like an odd spot to do so. We were chatting after the ride and they told me, “You didn’t stop on Sharp Park Road, did you? You did the whole thing without stopping.” They had simply spent themselves climbing the grade and had to catch their breath at that point. And they weren’t towing children.

Perhaps not surprisingly, SPR was easier the second time. I’m either getting stronger, or I’m hauling less fat. Fifty-one percent of my Labor Day Goal. Woot!

Update July 31: Upon review of the full video, I see that the mom passed me at about the 1/3 mark going up SPR.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for joining us and supporting Parca!!!!

  2. Thanks for taking the challenge and for letting us ride with you this way. What a treat. See you next year!

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