Ride to End AIDS / Rajdado por Finigi Aidoson

Esperanto sekvas.


Yesterday, October 26th, 2012.  I signed up at AIDS/Lifecycle to participate in the 2013 ride.

This is a seven day, 545 mile (883 km) bicycle trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Additionally, it’s a fundraiser in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The information page will tell you that the trip “averages about 80 miles per day.”  Of course, what that doesn’t tell you is that the longest day is 109 miles, and the 40 mile day is full of hills with romantic names like “Evil Twin 1” and “Evil Twin 2.”  There are notations in the route sheet with ominous words like “Quadbuster!”

What amazes me is that I registered seven months before the event is scheduled to start, and I’m participant number 3361.

So on June 2, 2013, there will be a minimum of three thousand people gathered at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.  Not all of them will be cyclists.  But still.  How many more people will register between now and then?

The hard part is that I need to raise a minimum of US$3000 in pledges in order to participate.  That’s $420 a month between now and June.  Guess I’d better start saving my spare change.

I’ll be using the Haluzak recumbent, of course.  At least when I get to Los Angeles, I won’t have a sore butt.

Am I ready to do this ride?  Probably not.  But I will be in June!

Stay tuned for further details and stories of my preparation and a week on California highways.


Hieraŭ, je la 26a de Oktobro, 2012, mi registriĝis ĉe Aidoso/Vivciklo por partopreni la rajdadon de 2013.

Tio estas septaga, 545 mejlo (883 km) biciklado de San Francisko ĝis Los Anĝeleso.  Cetere, ĝi estas kvestilo por la batalo kontraŭ HIV/Aidoso.

La informpaĝo sciigas ke la vojaĝo “meznombre atingas ĉiutage 80 mejlojn.” Kompreneble, ĝi ne sciigas vin ke ke la plej longa tago havas 109 mejlojn (176 km), kaj la 40 mejla tago estas plena de montetoj kun romantikaj nomoj kiel “Diabla Ĝemelo 1” kaj “Diabla Ĝemelo 2.” Estas signaroj en la vojo-folio kun minacaj vortoj kiel “Quadbuster!”

Tio kio mirigas min estas ke mi registris sep monatojn antaŭ la evento okazos, kaj mi estas partoprenanto nombro 3361.

Nu, je la 2a de junio, 2013,  estos minimume tri mil homoj amasitaj ĉe la Cow Palace (Bovino Palaco) en San Francisko.  Ne ĉiuj estos biciklantoj.  Sed ankoraŭ. Kiom da pli homoj registros antaŭ tiam?

La malfacilaĵo estas tio, ke mi devas kvesti minimume US$3000 en promesoj por partopreni. Tio estas $420 monate inter nun kaj junio.  Konjektas mi, ke mi devas komenci savi la ŝparajn monerojn.

Kompreneble, mi uzos la kuŝbiciklon de Haluzak. Almenaŭ, kiam mi atingas LosAnĝeleson, mi ne havos doloran postaĵon.

Ĉu mi estas preta por ĉi tiu rajdo?  Verŝajne ne.  Tamen, ja en junio!

Pli da sciigoj sekvos.  Revenu por legi la historion pri mia preparado kaj la semajno sur la ŝoseoj de Kalifornio.


SCA Archery and the Labors of Hercules

On August 8th, 2009, the Shire of Cloondara, which is the SCA equivalent of San Francisco, California, hosted its annual Debardchery contest, a combination of archery and bardic contests.  As Archery Mistress, I ran the archery part.  It takes pretty much all year to plan and pull this off.

The Hydra from the Labors of Hercules as a homemade 3D target.

The Hydra from the Labors of Hercules as a homemade 3D target.

The theme of the even was the 12 Labors of Hercules, and we made our own targets.  Here you can see the Hydra.  The rest of the targets were painted on cardboard.  We used the Stymphalian birds as speed targets – The archer could shoot as many arrows as possible in thirty seconds.  There were six small targets, about six inches across, places between 5 and 10 meters distant.  The archer had to shoot each target once before shooting any target twice.

Debardchery 2009 Stymphalian Birds target

Debardchery 2009 Stymphalian Birds target

SCA Archery is restricted to traditional archery gear and wooden arrows, however the construction of the equipment is often modern.  After all, it is called “creative anachronism.”  This is due to the fact that “period” archery gear is near impossible to find on the commercial market, and most amateur archers are not comfortable building their own bows.  We’re comfortable making our own period garb, but functional weaponry, not so much.  There is, however, a “period archery” division in inter-kingdom competition. But if we insisted on strictly medieval construction for bows and arrows, we wouldn’t have many archers.  However, if you want to talk about homemade bows, I can publish some posts on that.

We're comfortable making our own period garb.  Functional weaponry, not so much.

We're comfortable making our own period garb. Functional weaponry, not so much.

Medieval women shooting modern bow

We had a record turn out this year.  Thirty-three medieval archers ranging in skill level from “I’ve never held a bow before in my life!” to “Yeah, I practice every day for an hour before work.”  We separated archers as best we could into five separate skill levels.

The distances to the targets ranged from 5 meters to 45 meters.  However, one 12-year old intrepid longbowmen was allowed to shoot from 30 meters max, as his bow was not able to cast 45 meters.

My schedule for the weekend was a simple one: Saturday – Debardchery.  Sunday – the Cupid’s Gate tourney, which is a “mundane” or real world competition.  So of course, I woke up Saturday morning with a fever and a hoarse voice.  One of the Shire heralds was kind enough to be my voice for the day.  However, she couldn’t compete for me in the Cupid’s Gate, so I regretfully did not participate.